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« on: December 13, 2013, 02:40:01 PM »
Welcome to Break the Darkness!

Cool Features:

Saving drafts of posts!
Once you hit the "Save Draft" button, the post will be saved and you can go back and edit it again before posting. To edit and post a draft, go to your profile, and choose Drafts from the Show Posts menu, under the Profile Info menu.

Choose a template from the dropdown!
When posting, you can insert a pre-made template from the dropdown menu (the one that says "Please choose..." above the text area). The current templates are as follows:
  • Player Registration template
  • Regular Character App template
  • Multi-caste Character App template
  • NPC Character App template
Information Knowledge Base!
Instead of having a myriad of threads to navigate, the information section has been organized into a categorized database for (hopefully) easier navigating. Accessible through the "Game Information" tab up top or forum link on the index.

Bookmarking threads!
To keep track of all your current threads, or just ones you want to read, without having to constantly update or look at your plot tracker, you have the ability to bookmark and unbookmark threads. Hit the "Bookmark Thread" button while looking at the topic, and it will appear in your bookmarks, accessible through the "My Bookmarks" tab of the top menu.

Easy Linking!
Quickly link to threads, users, and boards! Use a two square brackets ( [[ ]] ) to do this. The inside can be:
  • t:(topic name or id#)
  • u:(username or id#)
  • b:(board name or id#)

Example: [[ t:9 ]] (without spaces) will turn into Welcome. (Upon editing, it will show up as normal bbcode links.)

BtD-specific BBCode and fancy fonts!
Have something that needs to look handwritten? Use the "script" tag (and adjust the size - the font is rather small)! Your text will look like this! (Note, this does not work in IE. Sorry!)
Use the "letter" tag to give something a parchment-colored background:
Like this!

(Due to a coding quirk, tags like script, text size and color, and bold/italic/underline/strike will work within the letter tag, but tags like alignment and lists will not.)

List of custom bbcode:
Code: [Select]
Cosmetic options:

Jewel-color text:
Extra: [noj]TEXT[/noj] for non-Jeweled

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