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Author Topic: Alene MacKenna  (Read 1357 times)


Alene MacKenna

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Alene MacKenna
« on: June 28, 2014, 04:17:23 PM »

Alene MacKenna

Name: Alene MacKenna
Age: 20
Castes: Black Widow Healer
Birthright Jewel: Green
JP: 57
Descent Jewel: Gray
JP: 8
Race: Glacian


Alene MacKenna at a glance fits in with the myriad of other young women who are native Glacians. Of relatively average height at 5'5 and with hair that trends towards a pale ash-blonde (generally worn up although when loose, will fall in loose waves past her shoulder) she has fair skin and a slender build to complete her presentation. Everything about her suits the general Glacian archetype, except one element. She possesses vibrantly green eyes, a divergence from the more conventional pale blue. As far as her build goes, Alene is built more towards the slender side of things although not remarkably so. While youthful, her figure places her squarely in the mature side of society, comfortably grown into her entire body.

Among some of her more notable characteristics, how Alene carries herself is perhaps one of the most recognizable. There's a quiet internalization about how she moves, a still deliberateness that seems to suggest the young woman is far more in her head than she is, in the world around her. When illusion webs slip (which they rarely do, the woman creating them herself) a host of scars can be seen all over both arms: they're unevenly spaced but uniform in their creation, thin lines that run from the inside of her upper arm all the way to the underside of her forearm.


To life at large Alene MacKenna manifests as one of the quieter types of personality. She's aware and curious about what goes around her but rarely forces her way into those experiences. However, while she may be sidelined she's not apathetically assessing - more like empathetically observing what goes on: she feels for those she takes note of even though she might not verbalize it or demonstrate it overtly. To that end, Alene is inarguably a kind creature - her sensitivities to others' feelings can allow for carefully considerate conversation, both to put people at ease or help them assess or sort through their own problems. That aside, Alene is capable of playfulness as well. It comes from a corner of innocence, not necessarily childishness but a playful approach. Sometimes it manifests as a quiet attempt to tease people into better humor, draw them into sharing her own almost completely transparent joy of life, or her faith in things working out. While she's comfortable with quietness and not being involved in interactions, the woman is likewise capable of being in the midst of a group of people quite comfortably. In those moments, those groups are characterized by laughter.

She can be sheepish, shyly self aware: largely, Alene gets flustered when others seem interested in focusing their attention on her, about her. She can interact with them easily on assorted topics but things like compliments or offers of help are met with clumsy dissembling. She can't quite comprehend why others would do so. Her own uncertainty of her own self perception impacts her belief in her own self worth.

More poignantly, Alene has a deep rooted fear revolving around her own sanity (or lack thereof). Due to how her second caste manifested, she's slept inconsistently for years, plagued by night terrors. They're often brought to horrible, vivid life when she interacts with Tangled Webs and she feels like she's slipping too far into the Twisted Kingdom, to a place she can't quite navigate, that her mind is cracking irrevocably. How true (or not) these suspicions are, Alene has never confirmed and for years, when caught within that horrible uncertainty of knowing what's real or not the girl reverts to inflicting damage to herself. The sharp, familiar bite of pain reminds her yes, yes this is real, this is reality, she hasn't slipped to a place she can't find her way out of. This consuming fear, however, lends itself to moments of stark vulnerability. They rarely happen during the day in company, but Alene can seem distracted, frightened, and out of sorts at unpredictable moments if she's felt that she's gotten too deep in Black Widow craft, especially. It contributes to her uncertainty of her own self worth: how can someone who, she believes, is going insane be of any value? Be safe to be around?

Craft Strengths and Weaknesses:
As a Black Widow Healer, it is the healing aspect of her craft that Alene is most comfortable with: she grew up under the care of a Healer, is intimately familiar with all it entails. Furthermore, the craft entailed in healing is firmly rooted in the physical, in the reality. These things are comfortingly familiar, tangible things that she can make sense of, that aren't clouded by interpretation. However, the Black Widow training that she's received makes her especially notable for her knowledge and application of herbs.

Among the Black Widow craft, Alene possesses one major failing. Due to the tenuous nature of her relationship with the Twisted Kingdom, she's reluctant to engage in craft that might bring her to that point. She has night terrors, some of which are actually Visions, and struggles to interpret them objectively. This shortcoming manifests in Tangled Webs that act as visions of the future as well.

Persons of Note:
Stian MacKenna (Father) - Prince - Yellow to Rose
Tove MacKenna (Mother) - Healer - White to Tiger Eye
Mina Carlson (Mentor) - Healer - Yellow to Rose
_____ Carlson (Mentor's son)  - TBD - TBD [Adoptable]

Territory of Birth: Glacia
Territory of Residence: Glacia

History: (--2: Alludes to self harm, not graphic.)

Born the only child to Stian and Tove MacKenna, Alene was a child that was raised in comfort with love. Her father was a member of a district court's Second Circle and her mother was the court's Healer. The marks were always there for a secure living and the girl was exposed to court life, often at her mother's hip, from the very beginning. Alene's psychic scent noted her as Healer from the very beginning, which seemed to suit the family just fine: she could follow in Tove's footsteps.

At the age of seven, Alene's Birthright Ceremony went without without remark. Stian's paternal rights were acknowledged and the girl came back with the Birthright Green. For two years, life was well beyond that: she had begun her lessons in her early years and they continued as time passed.

When she was just turned nine though, Alene's world changed. Stian and Tove had been sent (as the Queen they served was understanding enough of a husband's desire to travel with his wife when the wife was given a task) to a District in Kaelga. The mountains in November were unpredictable. The snow that had survived the summer was weak, unstable, and the new snowpack above too dense to support it. The couple perished in what could only have been considered a tragic accident: neither the Rose nor the Tiger Eye could bear the brunt of what they might have been asked to waylay, and the avalanche took their lives. For her part, the Queen to which they were in service did her best to do right for the nine year old girl. She found a Healer who was willing to foster the girl, train her, keep her - without fee. The anticipation was that the woman would treat the girl as if she were her own.

Mina Carlson undertook the care of Alene, and saw to the specialized lessons that the young Healer would need. The girl was raised alongside Mina's own child, a boy a few years older, although there was never any movement to formally adopt the child. She was a student, a worthwhile investment - with a Green Birthright, Mina was certain the girl could grow up to be something worthwhile. Perhaps even something that might return the investment she had put into the child.

For five years, Alene lived in the Carlson home. The Healer was her mentor and to the parentless child, the mother figure in her life. It seemed as if all was well until the months leading up to the girl's emergence into adolescence. Late in her thirteenth year, Alene began sleeping poorly. Nightmares, night terrors, plagued her sleeping hours. They seemed too real to be simple dreams, even awful ones, and Alene began to resist sleep itself. With hindsight, it seems as if the terrible dreams (which have continued into her maturity) were linked with the caste that emerged at the time of her first bleeding: she was a Black Widow, as well.

It was not a surprise that Mina coped with, gracefully. To the older Healer, it seemed to be a betrayal: a person should be one, not more and to value the healing as less (as certainly, she was sure it would be, the Black Widow being the more elevated caste)? Blasphemy. Feeling as if she had wasted her time, the young student (for that was all Alene had ever been, despite the girl's attempt to view Mina as a mother figure) was evicted from the home. Were it not for the local coven, Alene would have been left without shelter.

A Birthright Green Black Widow Healer was not something that would pass wholly unremarked upon. Realizing what must have happened, the coven sought out the fourteen year old girl and brought her into the enclave. Alene, however, would not make the same mistake twice: she viewed it as a place of learning. Never again would she try to call someplace home when the first had been lost to her and the second had been aught but a lie.

For several years, Alene's lessons were continued through the coven. Her healing craft wasn't abandoned either, though Mina no longer was responsible for the teachings. It was here that Alene was first taught how to harness the powers that her surprising second caste had gifted her, the ability to spin Tangled Webs, interpret visions, poisons, and the like. All the schooling in the world however, didn't seem capable of containing Alene's dreams. They loomed as large as ever, visions with imagery and symbolism she never seemed quite capable of interpreting. It lingered, just beyond her grasp, and in the early years the girl delved deeply into the Twisted Kingdom, into the depths of her mind and self, to try to reach for what they surely must be telling her.

The forays left her shaken, with a tenuous grasp of self that she had never quite experienced before. The line between reality and insanity was blurring in frightening, shocking ways. At points her uncertainty of what world she walked grew so dramatic that the girl adapted tactics to try to calibrate herself: pain, sharp and shocking, reminded her she lived. She breathed. She wasn't lost in the Twisted Kingdom. The vulnerability she felt in regards to such things though, meant that she completed her studies in such craft with a ruthless determination to learn how to strong-arm them into submission…and upon completion, rarely ventured back to them voluntarily.

Not even the completion of her Virgin Night, at late nineteen, and the subsequent Descent to the Gray, made Alene MacKenna feel more secure: security was, after all, an illusion. Love was conditional, homes were temporal things. Families seemed equally temporary. With such an understanding of the world, Alene elected to leave the coven that had served as a teaching space. It wasn't home. It couldn't be, given the way she had been so ruthlessly evicted from the other, years before. Such feelings about security made it an easy choice to make, to wander through Glacia. Visions still pull at her, Tangled Webs, when she weaves them, still leave her with uncomfortably elusive meanings and in pursuit of resolving them (and perhaps securing an answer to the ever pressing question, was she sane? insane? would she lose her mind, herself?) Alene MacKenna makes her way through Glacia. She's signed no contract with a court, but will often aid local Healers should they find a need, and she can fund herself through a myriad of healing remedies she can make, and illusions, which she's more than adroit with as she uses them to conceal her own scars.

RP Sample:

Night had broken, black and cold, over Glacia. It was more than typical, Alene thought, it was characteristic of the place. Glacia, after all, was known for…well. Its icy cold lakes, even in the height of summer. The winters that seemed endless. Snow. In general, cold. The fact that at the heels of the height of summer, evening was capable of bitingly cool should have surprised no one.

A native to the place, it certainly didn't bother Alene. The cool slapped against her fair skin, bringing a slight flush to her cheeks. The sky was grey-black, the sun gone but not quite entering the pitch of complete stygian darkness. The Black Widow Healer could have spoken all about the different types of dark. From dusk to dawn, everything in between had its own unique character, its own pressing sort of being that anyone could have taken notice of. It was more to the fact that few would ever have dedicated the hours to do so.

Late as it was edging towards (although the days were getting distinctly shorter, and elsewhere formal dinners were surely still occurring) there were still others in the city. Partners walking hand in hand, comfortable in their quietude. Shopkeepers ensuring their businesses (or those that were opened later in the evening) were securely closed. More to the point, restaurants, taverns and bars were still brightly alive. They would be, for some hours yet - although Alene had little desire to make her way in that direction.

Instead, the young woman padded her way towards the heart of town. It would carry her away from the cloyingly close buildings rising on each side of the narrow street she had found herself in. At least the old square she made her way towards had space, seemed like it breathed even within the city.

She wasn't the only one with such designs. As she broached the square, she noticed children (resolutely defying their parents' instructions, Alene was certain) still out and about. Their laughter pealed in the darkness, something she was irresistibly drawn towards. She didn't bother trying to combat it, drifting in their direction with a listlessness that betrayed her own lack of conscious thought in the decision. However, as a child (edging more closely towards adolescence, it was noted) lobbed a ball it was missed by the intended recipient and might have smacked the woman right in the cheek had she not erected a shield (a skintight Green) in the last moment. It ricocheted off, rolling to a halt at her feet, and Alene blinked at it in bemusement.

"Serves me for not paying attention," she chided herself quietly. The humor was a tangible thing in her voice. It was accessible enough that the children chuckled, although some of them did so nervously. All Alene did was reach down to scoop up the toy, pitching it straight back at the boy who had been the perpetrator of such a grievous assault upon her person. It thumped him in the chest as he eyed her uncertainly. "I believe the point is to catch the ball."

And without further ado, it was clear that the game was on. It returned to its liveliness, although this time, a young woman (not taller than the tallest of the children) was among them. Her laughter pealed brightly, pleasure in the delight of those around her completely transparent.

Player: Elle
Character Play-by: Haley Bennett
Characters (including WIPs):
Thea Kinsbury, Healer: Red
Marcus Rennes, Warlord: Yellow ~ Tiger Eye
Rheia Theurer, Black Widow: Summer Sky ~ Opal

Aderyn Llewellyn, Healer Queen: Opal ~ Red
Kore Amithiel, hearth witch: Yellow ~ Summer Sky
Adara Kendricks, witch: Summer Sky ~ Green

Cian Sinclair, Warlord Prince: Sapphire ~ Ebon Gray
Lucien Moore, Prince: White ~ Rose
Isolde McKinlaigh, witch: Rose ~ Summer Sky
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Re: Alene MacKenna
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Re: Alene MacKenna
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