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Author Topic: Player to Character List  (Read 2522 times)



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Player to Character List
« on: January 21, 2014, 07:04:53 PM »
Player to Character List
Here is a complete list who plays which characters.
Scroll over each box to see all of each player's characters.

Adara Kendricks | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Summer Sky to Green witch
Aderyn Llewellyn | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Opal to Red Healer Queen
Alene MacKenna | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Green to Gray Black Widow Healer
Aodhan Sorensen | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Summer Sky to Green Warlord
Cian Sinclair | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Sapphire to Ebon Gray Warlord
Isolde McKinlaigh | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Rose to Summer Sky witch
Lucian Moore | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Yellow to Rose Prince
Lynoa Aston | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Purple Dusk to Sapphire witch
Marcus Rennes | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Yellow to Tiger Eye Warlord
Sheridan O’Connor | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince
Thea Kinsbury | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Birthright Red Healer

Alexeya Kreist | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Yellow to Summer Sky witch (hidden Warlord)
Blair Greyja | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Tiger Eye to Rose Prince
Darien Pryce | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Green to Gray Prince
Ehron Corvallis | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Opal to Sapphire Warlord
Faolin Isravel | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Birthright White witch
Flurian Koh | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Healer
Gavin Berkeley | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Green to Gray Prince
Kaeden Sanzer | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Tiger Eye to Rose Prince
Luka Duplais | Scelt, Kaeleer
  • Sapphire to Gray Prince
Merron Shezar | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Sapphire to Ebon Gray Prince
Niall Quinn | Dhemlan, Kaeleer
  • Opal to Red Prince
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