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Author Topic: An Introduction to the World of the Blood  (Read 2935 times)

Description: a beginner's guide


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An Introduction to the World of the Blood
« on: February 17, 2014, 09:24:36 PM »
An Introduction to the
World of the Blood

This introduction serves as a one-stop-shop for any of the information you find in the World Information section. If you just want the short and easy versions, you can check out this introduction. If you want more detail, check out the corresponding pages in the World Information section! (Meta comments and real-world comparisons are in italics and parentheses.)

The Blood were given power in order to be Caretakers of the Realms, as the ancient race of Dragons who had watched over the world faded from it.

The Darkness and the Abyss
  • The Darkness is a neutral force - it is not evil.
  • Everything was created by the Darkness; it is also referred to sometimes as Mother Night, the mother of all things.
  • The Blood worship the Darkness and Mother Night.
    • Along with the Darkness and Mother Night, the Blood also worship Witch, the daughter of Mother Night. Witch is the most powerful being that can exist in the world, and can control the full depth of the Darkness's power. (She will not be played on the board.)
  • The Abyss is where the Darkness resides - everything exists within the Abyss.
    • The Abyss is partially physical, partially metaphysical.
    • The Blood make a psychic journey through the Abyss when drawing on their power.
    • The deeper into the Abyss someone is, the more power they hold and are surrounded by. If they cannot handle the depth, it will destroy them. (Think of it like water pressure at great depth, the deeper you are, the more pressure, and the more protection you need to keep from being crushed.)

The Realms and Territories
  • There are three Realms that exist on separate planes, though they are accessible to each other through the use of one of the thirteen Dark Gates that link the Realms. The three Realms are: Terreille, Kaeleer, and Hell.
    • Terreille is known as the Light Realm, and is the furthest from the bottom of the Abyss. Terreille has many Territories, but the ones open for play presently are Chaillot and Tacea
    • Kaeleer is known as the Shadow Realm, and is below Terreille in the Abyss. The Territories presently open for play are: Dhemlan, Glacia, and Scelt
    • Hell is known as the Dark Realm and is furthest down in the Abyss. It is the Realm of the Demon Dead, while Terreille and Kaeleer are considered to be the Living Realms. Hell doesn't have Territories in the same sense as the Living Realms; the entire Realm is open for play.
The Blood
  • There are the Blood, and there are landens.
    • The Blood have magic, landens do not.
    • That said, the Blood are NOT just regular humans with magical powers. The magic of the Blood originally came from the ancient Dragons, and some of that draconic nature still resides in them. (This isn't like wizards and muggles. There's a much more fundamental difference between the Blood and landens.)
    • The Blood are a matriarchal society.
  • Jewels and the Power of the Blood
    • (The Jewels are Jewels; they are not gems, nor are they any other sort of descriptor. The proper term is Jewels.)
    • The Jewels are a physical cue as to the strength of a member of the Blood. The darker the Jewel, the more powerful the person.
      • The Jewels are an external reservoir of power. The Blood do not need their Jewels to be physically present around them to draw on their strength, but they can draw on it faster if their Jewels are there.
      • The Jewels' strength cannot be tapped by another person. Another's power cannot be stolen.
    • At a young age, every member of the Blood has a Birthright Ceremony. If they are strong enough, they receive their Birthright Jewel.
    • Females go through their Virgin Night towards the end of their adolescence. This Ceremony keeps them from being easily broken of their Jewels.
    • As a member of the Blood goes from adolescence into adulthood, they make their Offering to the Darkness to obtain their Jewel of Rank. This represents their mature strength, and can be up to three ranks darker than their Birthright. Some who did not receive a Birthright Jewel may obtain a Jewel of Rank.
    • Once a person has made their Offering to the Darkness, the strength they have is the strength they will have for the rest of their life, unless they are broken of it. (There is no "leveling up" or anything like that other than the Offering. The Jewels a person has represent their strength, period.)
    • The Jewels a person wears has no bearing on their caste, and vice versa. Someone can wear a very dark Jewel and be from a low caste, or be from a higher caste and wear a very light Jewel.
  • Castes
    • (While there are "higher" and "lower" castes, they do not actually have a real effect on one's social status. Castes are more like a class in a tabletop-style game, rather than a set skillset or rank.)
    • Some of the Blood are born into castes, some are not. However, ALL of the Blood who wear Jewels have a caste.
    • A member of the Blood can sense another's caste psychically.
    • Rarely, some are born with more than one caste, and sometimes women will train a second caste. Men very extremely rarely have a second caste and if they do it is 99.99999999999999999% of the time trained. (In the books, there is only one man in the entire history of the blood who has a natural second caste.)
    • Trained caste versus natural caste:
      • Certain castes can be trained, though some cannot:
        • The male castes cannot be trained as they are based on temperament.
        • The Queen caste cannot be trained.
        • Healer, Priestess, and Black Widow castes can be trained.
      • A person born to a caste will have a much, much better natural aptitude for the things relating to their caste than someone not born to the caste.
  • Protocol
    • The intricate set of rules that govern Blood society.
    • Protocol was designed to harness the ferocity and instinct of the Blood to prevent it from spiraling out of control. Following Protocol helps the more temperamental castes harness their tempers and from losing control. (Breaking Protocol is a social taboo, and failure to follow it may incite rage from the more sensitive castes - Warlord Princes may rise to the killing edge for violations of protocol.)
  • Craft
    • There are different types of Craft, and not everyone can do everything.
    • There are some types of Craft that are either specific to, or easier for certain castes. (ie, Healing Craft is easier for Healers, while Black Widows specialize in illusions and poisons.)
    • The strength of spells is dictated by the Jewels of the caster. (While a White Jewel and a Green Jewel may perform the same spell that performs the same function, the Green's spell is stronger.) Darker Jewels can be taught to do smaller tasks but lighter Jewels cannot go past the absolute depth of their power.
  • Courts

  • The Blood and landens exist within nearly every race.
  • There are three long-lived races, and many short-lived races.
    • The long-lived races:
      • Dhemlan are from Dhemlan.
      • Eyriens are from Askavi. They have bat-like wings.
      • Hayllians are from Hayll.
      • These races live up to approximately 5000 years.
    • The short-lived races:
      • The other races in the Realms all have shorter life-spans. The human races live approximately 100 years.

Certain words are capitalized, as they are proper nouns. These include all the caste names except for witches and hearth witches, the ranks of the Jewels, names of ceremonies (Birthright, Offering), Protocol, and Craft.
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