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Author Topic: Gavin Berkeley  (Read 1539 times)

Description: Prince; Green - Gray

Gavin Berkeley

  • Prince; Master of the Guard of Narshe Province
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Gavin Berkeley
« on: February 15, 2014, 09:16:17 PM »

Gavin Berkeley

Name: Gavin Berkeley
Age: 32
Caste: Prince
Birthright Jewel: Green
JP: 79
Descent Jewel: Gray
JP: 53
Race: Sceltan


Gavin is a handsome man, and is very aware of it. Long years training in the guard have made him fit and muscular, trim rather than bulky. His movements are that of a swordsman, and one with plenty of experience; he moves with a natural ease that is both steady and deliberate. He stands straight and tall, never slouching thanks to his training from a young age and a strong sense of self. He can usually be found wearing a uniform or something like it, though he does dress down on occasion. Whatever it is, he likes clothing that is easy to move in, easy to fight in if need be.

In his younger years, he had a paler complexion, but many years working and being outside often has tanned him slightly. The color is less apparent in the winter when he is outside less, but in the summer he has been known to reach a deep tan if he has the leisure time to spend out of doors. While his hair was a lighter blonde as a child, it has deepened to a dark honey color, though he rarely lets it grow out long enough for anyone to truly appreciate the color of it. Usually, it is about a knuckle-length, though he occasionally will let it grow a bit more. Blue-grey eyes take in the world for what it is.

When on duty, or just generally left to his own thoughts, the expression on Gavin’s face tends toward the serious side, or to an expression of contemplation. He can usually be pretty easily coaxed into a smile, however. He hides anger and sadness behind a neutral expression when he can, but around those who know him, he either lets his emotions surface or they are able to more easily read him. Often, his voice is more expressive than his face, and the tone in which he speaks reveals some of which he might rather keep hidden.

His Green is set in a very simple pendant, his Gray in not much more fancy a ring and pendant.


Most would describe Gavin as an upstanding man. The sort of person that could be counted on to do the right thing and follow orders, a courageous and dependable man with a compassionate heart. To most, he comes off as polite, if a little stiff, and dutiful. While this is the side of him that most of the world sees on a regular basis, there are many more layers to the Prince. He is all of those things that people see, but to a deeper degree than most know.

He has always been caring, though without having met the people he did in his life, it would have been a much more private aspect of him. As it is, his general care for humanity as a whole is not hidden from the world, though his care for individuals tends to be more reserved for when he is around people he is comfortable with. Around those he cares about, he tends to wear his emotions much more openly for the most part.

Violence is as much a part of the dark-Jeweled Prince as any other male of the Blood, but having seen it destroy so much, he would rather find an alternative to large-scale altercations - or ideally, find a way to prevent them from happening in the first place. To do so, he would rather put himself in the middle of everything, use his own power in order to prevent chaos than to let others suffer in it. In order to better protect those he cared about, he strove not only to become an excellent swordsman, but someone who could be in a position to protect them.

He takes the Blood’s code of honor and Protocol seriously, but it is his own moral code that he holds himself most accountable to. Sometimes, he finds a difference between the “right” thing to do and the “good” thing to do, and he will almost always try to find a way to do the “good” thing. It is a subjective view on his part, but one that he is not generally willing to compromise. To him, the ends do not justify the means if they are not moral or break with honor or Protocol. On the whole, he adheres to Protocol quite strictly.

Despite that he lets his moral compass guide his actions, he is a disciplined soldier and is perfectly willing to take orders. Left to his own devices, he might have preferred to not be in charge, but his life and the people in it have influenced him to want to be in control of situations where he can be. He is as strict as he needs to be, but never cruel. If he has to give out punishment, he is very deliberate in making sure the punishment fits the crime; though he would prefer to be merciful, he knows that is not always an option for him.

What he keeps in the deepest corners of his heart are his feelings of bitterness and resentment, of anger and acrimony. Some of this is directed towards his father, whom he barely remembers, now. Some is directed towards the events in his life which conspired to take away his chance to do better than the man he feels such resentment towards. And partly, it is directed at himself for his perceived failing his sister and the Queen he had served.

  • MOTHER: Maerni Berkeley - Rose to Opal Healer (deceased)
  • FATHER: Alan Frych - Purple Dusk to Opal Prince
  • SISTER: Corri Berkeley - Summer Sky Birthright (Offering unknown) witch
  • SON: Owain Meredith - Opal Birthright Prince
Territory of Birth: Scelt, Kaeleer
Territory of Residence: Scelt, Kaeleer


Gavin Berkeley was born in a small city in the Narshe Province in Scelt. There was little of note about the city or the household; they weren’t destitute, but they weren’t well off, either. The Province was a hard land to begin with, and they lived a simple life. His mother Maerni was a Healer and through her work she was able to support the small family for the most part. His father Alan took odd jobs where he could, but it never seemed to bear much fruit or last very long. For the first four years of his life, Gavin lived with the both of them.

One day, his father was just gone. Gavin never knew exactly what happened, except that one day his father never came home from work. His mother seemed upset, but if she knew anything about it, she never told him. A few months later, Gavin had his Birthright Ceremony and came away with a Green Jewel. His mother denied any paternity, and that was that.

It was a few months after that when his father reappeared. Gavin hardly got the chance to see him, however, as Maerni told the man to get out, to leave them alone, and to never come back. He left, but not for good. He would show up almost every day, only to be told the same thing over and over. Even the young Prince could see the strain it was putting on his mother. Finally, one day a little after he turned five, his mother had had enough. She packed their few belongings and took Gavin and herself to the docks and boarded a ship headed for the mainland.

They traveled from place to place, Maerni using her skill as a Healer to earn them enough to eat and eventually to move on to another place. When she wasn’t working, she was trying to give Gavin what lessons she could in Craft and other things. Gavin wasn’t overly inclined to explore or seek out friends on his own, knowing that he would just have to leave them behind shortly, anyway.

Eventually, Maerni found herself working as a Healer in a Court - not as Court Healer, but as one of the Court Healer’s assistants. It was the Court of a sizable Province in one of the far northeastern Territories of Kaeleer, ruled by a dark-Jeweled Healer Queen. There, she a man - one of the Guard serving the Court - and found companionship that she hadn’t had in many years. Gavin wasn’t sure what to make of the man, but neither the man nor his mother ever tried to make him a replacement from Gavin’s father.

Though he was shy at first, Gavin slowly became part of the group of children connected to the Court and was given more of an education. The ringleader of the group was the Queen’s son, Mircea, a fifteen-year-old Sapphire-Jeweled Prince. He taught Craft to the other children, the eldest of whom was eleven and the youngest four. They were the children of some of the Court members, but mostly the children of the staff. Mircea was kind, gentle, and patient with all of them. With the Sapphire as his Birthright, he was also quite powerful and had a natural talent for picking up complicated Craft. Gavin looked up to him and began to follow him and imitate him in any way he could.

When Gavin was seven, Maerni gave birth to a girl, Corri. Gavin wasn’t sure what to think of her, but he grew to love her as she stopped crying quite so often. She had their mother’s red-blonde hair, but her father’s eyes.

A little over a year after that, the Queen gave birth to a daughter, as well. Mircea had a rather different reaction to having a baby sister than Gavin had, fawning over her at every chance he had. Aurora was much quieter than Corri, he noticed. Mircea had always been one to show his emotions to the world, never seeming to care who saw, and his love of his little sister seemed to be infectious.

A few years later, a war broke out with the neighboring Territory, and their Province was caught in the middle of it, being fairly close to the border. A mere week before Corri’s Birthright Ceremony was to take place, the fighting made it to the city they were in and Maerni and Corri’s father were caught in a building that had collapsed. Maerni was still alive when they pulled her from the building but no amount of healing could have kept her alive for much longer.

The two were taken in by the Court, the Queen having come to like Maerni in the time she’d worked there and because their daughters were close in age. Gavin was eleven, his sister four. She cried for their mother for a long time, and after a few months did have her Birthright Ceremony and came away with the Summer Sky.

After the war had dragged on for nearly a year, the tides turned as Mircea came back from his Offering holding the Gray.

The war had been looking a bit grim for them, until then. They were outnumbered and outclassed on the whole, and the Territory was beginning to weaken. With a Gray on the field, though, they had a chance. The enemy was making a final push to overrun the Territory, the main force of their army advancing on the Province ruled by Mircea’s mother.

Mircea was waiting for them in the field outside the city limits, already deep in the power of the Gray. Voice amplified by Craft, he gave them the chance to turn back, even to surrender, but of course the advancing army did not. By the time they realized their mistake it was too late.

The Prince crippled the army, single-handedly. He’d set spells, made by some of the Black Widows in the area and tied to the power of his Sapphire. His ingenuity for Craft in general had been to his advantage. When the first wave of traps and spells had subsided, the Prince didn’t hold back, aiming the full force of his power at the army. The power of the Gray shattered so many Jewels and minds, killing thousands in one fell swoop. Those that didn’t die were pulled off balance as the ground moved beneath them with the force of the Gray.

Still the army moved forward, further into the final trap that Mircea had set for them. His Gray was nearly drained, but he had enough to trigger and fuel what was waiting. As they drew closer, he called in his Sapphire and fought those at the front line around him using it power almost recklessly. Some of the army moved on by, all but the darkest Jeweled were unwilling to engage him.

Then, almost without warning, the final trap was sprung. A death trap. Backed by the remaining power of Mircea’s Gray, the massive spell engulfed the area in a blast of witchfire and spears of pure white light laced with black lightning. What one didn’t kill, the other did. As the spell finally dissipated, there wasn’t a single living thing within the boundaries of the spell. All there was was red.

Mircea, shielded from the effects of his own spell for the most part, was dead. Both his Gray and Sapphire had broken before he’d died, as throughout all of it they’d also been feeding a giant shield between himself and the city. The backlash of power hitting the shield and himself had caused his Jewels to shatter and his death. Though they’d won the war, the mood was somber and depressive. Mircea had sacrificed himself to save his family, his Province, his Territory. The people were grateful to him, but it had been at such a cost… The Prince had been beloved.

Gavin cried plenty, perhaps even more than he had over the loss of his mother. But he also made a promise to himself, and to the person he’d looked up to as an older brother. He promised that he would become strong like Mircea had been, so that he could protect those he cared for. He would not let others suffer if he could help it, and he would not allow tragedy such as what had happened in the war to happen again. The sheer amount of destruction was staggering, and Gavin never wanted to see that much red painted across the landscape again.

After he turned thirteen, Gavin’s education took a new turn as he threw himself more into his studies and was given leave to begin training to become a guard. His sister also received an excellent education alongside Aurora, whom she had become fast friends with. The Queen’s daughter had received an Opal as her Birthright, and was a natural Healer. Corri was both lighter Jeweled and was only a witch, but of the two, it was Corri who was the more adventurous and outspoken, often dragging Aurora along for fun and exciting escapades. The two got into more trouble than Gavin could deal with on a regular basis, but Corri was quick and Aurora seemed to have inherited some of her brother’s knack for figuring out complex Craft.

As he went through his training to be a guard, what stuck with him most besides the fencing lessons was Protocol and the Blood’s code of honor. It echoed many of the things he had learned from Mircea, and he redoubled his efforts to live up to Mircea’s example. He had become a serious youth, with all of his attention focused on his studies and training. As it turned out, he had a talent for swordplay, and quickly gained the respect of his peers.

At sixteen, he was offered an apprenticeship in another Court, to give him more experience. Though he was sad to leave the people he cared about, he knew it would be a good opportunity for him, and that he ought to see what other Courts were like. And so, he went. It was on the far side of the Territory, making it difficult to visit what he now considered home.

He continued his training as a Guard there, and learned more of the intricacies of Protocol. It was a good Court to serve in. What he didn’t expect was that he would find himself interested in the Queen’s daughter, a witch named Rozenn who was a few years older than himself. Over the course of his time in the Guard there, he got to know her little by little, and found that she was interested in him, as well. Though he had spent the better part of his life in or around a Court, now, he knew that he wasn’t anywhere near an aristo, and never hid the fact.

Even so, Rozenn professed that she wanted him, and he found it hard to deny her. He had been assigned as one of her Guards at eighteen, and the two of them became even more intimate after that. Their relationship remained a secret even to Rozenn’s mother. Plans were beginning to be set in motion for Rozenn to be wed to a wealthy and influential aristo from a neighboring Territory, and Rozenn said not a word against it. To Gavin, she said that she would only love him, and no one else, not even the man she was supposed to marry.

It was with a heavy heart that he watched Rozenn leave, though he did his best not to show it. He would find her again, somehow. He had promised her that the evening before, their last night together.

A few weeks later, not long after he turned twenty, an urgent message arrived from the Court he had grown up in, saying that Corri had gone missing. She had simply vanished and no one knew her whereabouts, nor the reason why she’d disappeared. He begged the Queen to let him return home to try and find his sister. His request was granted, and he hurried home.

It only took him a few days to return home, and in that time, he had grown very worried about his sister. She ought to have been able to take care of herself; even when he’d left for his Court training, she’d been more than capable of that. And yet, as her older brother, as the only real family she had left, he worried. Everyone seemed worried when he returned, and no one seemed to meet his eyes at first. It was like they were already mourning for Corri’s death, and treating him with the sort of pitiful kindness that those left behind were often faced with.

Gavin fell into a bit of depression, especially when his own efforts to find his sister turned up nothing. Aurora went out of her way to spend more time with him, hoping to cheer him up even a little bit. The effort did not go unappreciated, and Gavin found himself wondering at how much like Mircea she had become over the years. He officially joined Aurora’s mother’s Court and served as one of Aurora’s escorts and Guards.

As he was back, he also started training with the Guard again, though technically he had never stopped. His skills had improved between the time he had left and the time he returned, and it wasn’t long before he was pronounced one of the best swordsmen in the Court. He became a commander in the Guard. He’d been offered a position in the Queen’s Guard, but opted to stay as Aurora’s escort, because being with her helped to ease his mind somewhat regarding his sister’s disappearance. There was something so like her brother in the Healer, and she told him time and again that she believed that Corri was alive somewhere. Gavin wanted badly to believe her.

It was happenstance that, a few years later, the news of Rozenn’s death reached him. She had become ill and had hardly lasted a week after that. Her husband was continuing his good relations with her mother’s Court out of the memory of Rozenn, the rumors said. They had been a truly happy couple, apparently. Gavin politely requested the next day off and shut himself in his room, seeing not even Aurora.

It was only a few months later that Gavin went to make his Offering to the Darkness, having felt the call of it. On his way, he stopped to pray at Mircea’s grave, reminding himself of his promise and swearing it once more. He’d lost so many already, he wouldn’t let those who remained suffer anymore. With that thought firmly in his mind, he descended deep into the Abyss and walked away from the Ceremony with the Gray clutched in his hands. The Gray. It was powerful, and slightly terrifying. He’d seen what the Gray could unleash. He only hoped that he would never need to use its power in such a terrible display.

It was a bit of a surprise when Rozenn’s mother arrived with Rozenn’s husband a few years later on a diplomatic visit. There were beginning to be rumors of war again with the Territory that had fought them and lost against Mircea almost a decade and a half previous, and the Territory was already starting to look to their defenses, and to their other neighbors for support. Rozenn’s husband happened to have strong connections in the right places.

He had brought his young son with him on the trip, as well. He’d been born early in he and Rozenn’s marriage, thankfully, and had continued to be quite healthy. The boy was shy, not used to traveling, and wasn’t seen much. From what Gavin could see there was a strong resemblance to Rozenn, but…

It wasn’t until he saw the boy’s eyes that it hit him. The boy had light eyes. The Territory he was in was almost entirely people with dark eyes, including Rozenn… and her husband. There shouldn’t have been any way for the boy to have those eyes… unless… it didn’t take more than a few moments for him to realize what had happened. That the child was…


Only the child could never be. Not truly, anyway. Rozenn was dead, and the boy obviously had no questions about his paternity. Rozenn’s husband had been granted that right. The boy was that man’s son, no matter his bloodline. The boy was his own flesh and blood and he could do absolutely nothing to acknowledge it. After that, he found that he couldn’t bring himself to meet Rozenn’s husband’s eyes, not out of shame, but out of anger and frustration.

Gavin did his best to avoid the man, and his son, for the rest of their visit.

A little over a year later, after Gavin had turned twenty-six, war did break out again, and this time, Gavin was fighting. Battles were taking place all along the border, though it seemed like the armies were almost avoiding the Province that they had been annihilated at fifteen years ago. The ground where Mircea had single-handedly decimated the enemy army hummed with memory. Though he wasn’t on the front lines of the war, he did go to fight in a number of battles, and never liking how they went. It wasn’t because they didn’t win; to the contrary, they won every battle he was in. His skill as a commander was adequate, and his strength was an incredible asset. What he didn’t like was how many people died, on both sides.

The war was over within a few months, though no hard victory was won by either side. With the threat of a Gray, the enemies had lost the will to fight, even if Gavin had no intention of using his power the way Mircea had. All the war did was solidify his dislike of it.

Life returned to normal for a while after that, and Gavin continued to serve in the Guard and as one of Aurora’s personal escorts. Some time before the war, Aurora had fallen in love with a young man, and within a year of the war ending, the two of them were handfasted. Another year passed, and the wedding proved to be a lovely affair, with her confiding in Gavin that her only regrets were that Corri and Mircea weren’t there to see it.

When Gavin was twenty-nine, Aurora’s mother, the Healer Queen that he served, died and her Court was dissolved. Aurora was married and didn’t need his protection anymore. With no Court and no other obligations holding him back, he set out in search of his sister after some encouragement from Aurora, who still wholeheartedly believed that she was out there in the world somewhere waiting to be found.

Gavin set out, working his way outwards from the city he had lived so much of his life in, trying to find any clues to what had happened to her. He spent the next few years looking for her, each time going further and further from where he started. He kept in touch with Aurora on his trips and stayed with her and her husband when he wasn’t traveling, as she was the last person he could call family at all. On one of his visits to Aurora, word reached him through a series of contacts that someone matching Corri’s description had been seen in Scelt.

At thirty-two, he has set out across Kaeleer to return to the Territory of his birth, in search of a sister he hasn’t seen in over fifteen years. He still writes to Aurora, thinking of her as his family and his home until he finds out the truth of what happened to his sister. And even then, could he consider somewhere he can find so few ties to home, even if his sister is there?

RP Sample:


Player: hideko
Character Play-by: Josh Dallas
Characters in Play:
Luka - Sapphire-Gray
Kaeden - TE-Rose
Faolin - White

Ehron - Opal-Sapphire
Alex - Yellow-SS
Blair - TE-Rose

Darien - Green-Gray
Conrad - White-Yellow
Flurian - SS-PD

Niall - Opal-Red
Zane - Rose-Opal
Rune - Rose-Opal

Valencia - PD-Sapphire
Anthea - Rose-Opal
Merron - Sapphire-EG

Musette - Rose-PD

Lorrian - Sapphire-Gray
Tarquin - TE-PD
Phaedra - TE-PD

Amaeus - Red-Gray
Janice - White-Rose
Qanan - TE-SS

Xhila - TE descent
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