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The Rules of Break the Darkness
« on: December 23, 2013, 12:41:34 PM »
The Rules of Break the Darkness

The following code of conduct serves as 'general rules' and expectations for the site. Policies and expectations may evolve over time.

This site emphasizes respect (for one another, comfort levels, rules). In the event of conflict with others, do not let OOC impact the IC experience or the community. If you find you are unable to mediate between yourself and another, please contact staff.

Players are expected to be active, with the understanding that everyone does have outside obligations. If you want more involvement on-site, initiate conversation with others and facilitate others approaching you.


Content Rules

Break the Darkness is rated 3/3/3 on the RPG-Rating system. We allow strong language, sex, and graphic violence. We are 18+.

Threads must be properly labeled/tagged for graphic or triggering content. (For example a post that includes sexual abuse would be tagged -33, for L-S-V.) The thread description should include a tag, as should the specific post(s) in question.

If graphic or triggering content shows up in an application, please tag the section it appears in.
(For example, History: (--2: Alludes to self harm) [History follows here])

We do not permit sexual scenes with children or animals.


Graphics Rules

  • Avatars: maximum size is 200x300
  • Signatures: maximum size is 500x250
  • Maximum width of images in posts is 500px.
Our gif Policy: We request that gifs not be used in signatures or avatars for our mobile users. They may be included in posts in OOC forums.

Face Claims: Use fairly realistically rendered artwork or photographs (stock art is permitted). Claims may be art or people but they shouldn't include personal or private photography.
  • Faces may not be reserved.
  • Face claims will be added by staff once the character is accepted.
  • Pended characters' faces are safe for two weeks before they can be used by someone else.
  • Faces may be shared with express permission of whoever used it first.


Activity Rules

Characters not posted with for three months without an absence will be archived and written out of plots.

Members not active for six months will have their characters archived and written out of plots.

WIPs that have been uncompleted for three months will be archived when seasons roll over.

No characters will be killed without express player permission.

If a member is going to be absent for more than two weeks, please post in the absence thread.


In Character Rules

There is no word count on Break the Darkness. Posts earn rewards for the writer.

Godmodding, meta-gaming (use of out-of-character knowledge in-character), and power playing aren't permitted. Violations of this will result in a warning.

Players may choose Jewels for NPCs in characters' histories. NPCs who will not become playable may be any Jewels.
  • Staff must be informed before review if Jewels darker than Red are used.
  • NPCs who are expected to become or could become playable may not exceed a Sapphire Descent.
  • Only two NPCs mentioned in character histories darker than Opal may be adoptable.
  • Dark NPC adoptions must fall in line with Jewel ratios.


Plot/Ruler Petitions

If you're interested in playing a character in a leadership position (ruling a village, District, Province) please contact Hideko and/or Elle.
  • Please include in your message what level you'd like to rule on and what plots you have in mind for this position.

Territories may open up as the site goes on: some may have plots in mind already, others may have nothing beyond a vague concept. Staff may set up an announcement seeking people for these plots, or they may approach people specifically.
  • If you have an idea for a "coming soon" Territory please message Hideko and/or Elle.
  • If you have ideas for larger plots (or Territories) that aren't mentioned you're free to message them to Hideko and/or Elle for discussion.
  • While we invite player participation and ideas, we can't guarantee that all ideas or requests will be granted. Feasibility, how it interacts with existing plots and concepts, accessibility of other players, and activity of the player petitioning are all considerations we'll keep in mind.


Site Ratios

There is no character limit on BtD. We request that activity is maintained with present characters (and we do understand different characters may be more or less active reflecting their plot signifcance).

JEWEL RATIOS: There is a ratio system to keep Jewels balanced. Players will have one dark for every two light (1:2 ratio).
  • Jewels are rolled by Staff.
    • Players may request Jewels they've been rolled be made lighter.
    • If a roll was dark and the reduction makes a light birthright, the character still counts as dark for ratios.
  • Ratios are based on birthright Jewels (White through Purple Dusk is light, Opal through Red is dark).
    • Players may petition for a dark roll or specific Jewels for plot purposes. Petitions are not guaranteed to be granted. You must contact Hideko or Elle to petition.
    • Players may purchase a "request your dark roll" award for getting a dark roll at their selected point in a trio. Players may purchase the additional dark character reward if a dark character would disrupt their ratios.

CASTE RATIOS: To keep castes balanced, Break the Darkness has a ratio for higher and multi-caste characters per player. All of these ratios are by a per-player basis.
  • 1 in 4 may be a Queen or Warlord Prince.
  • 1 in 5 may be a dual caste female.
  • 1 in 15 may be a dual caste male or triple caste female.
    • Multi-caste Queens and Warlord Princes count for the 1 in 4 Queen/Warlord Prince ratio.
Multi-caste characters may not be among the first three characters made by a player and they may not be made consecutively.


Site Requirements and Additional Information
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