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Author Topic: Storm and Fire  (Read 2726 times)

Description: tag: Alene

Gavin Berkeley

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Re: Storm and Fire
« Reply #30 on: December 21, 2016, 11:24:25 PM »
Gavin was surprised when Alene began to explain herself further. Was saying that he didn't understand all it took? Somehow he felt that this time was different. Whatever the reason for it, her explanation did clarify a few things despite that she seemed to be more unsure of her words.

The Prince nodded along with Alene's words. Halfway through, the reasoning started to make less sense again. Still, he nodded and followed along until it began to make sense once more. Perhaps if he didn't think about it, then it would start to make sense. Or at least, marginally more sense. He wasn't really sure what to think anymore, not when it came to Alene, anyway.

At the mention of war, his congenial expression faltered for a moment, and his eyes dropped down.

Steam rose off the coffee, swirling in the air and dissipating quickly. Gavin watched the patterns it made as he wrestled with his own thoughts for a moment. The war, inevitable at this point, was almost always at the back of his mind. When its voice became too loud, it drudged up pieces from his past that were always difficult to put to rest.

He forced a bit of a smile as she mentioned his post, but there was no real heart in it. There was still a part of him that felt like it wasn't real. Being in the Guard, that was nothing new, but to be Master... it was a privilege he still felt that he hadn't earned.

Almost desperate for something to delay any response he ought to make, Gavin took a long sip of coffee. The taste, not cut much by the addition of cream, grounded him again, dragging his mind back to the present and nothing else.

"I think 'different than expected' sums up most of my time in Scelt rather nicely," Gavin said, a note of his usual humor making its way back into his tone. He sighed. Was anything ever going to go as he expected in his life anymore?

He glanced back over at Alene.

"Thank you," he added. "For clarifying."