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Author Topic: A Guide to Joining Break the Darkness  (Read 4524 times)



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A Guide to Joining Break the Darkness
« on: December 23, 2013, 12:21:42 PM »
A Guide to Joining Break the Darkness

If you're interested in joining us but aren't quite certain where to start (or aren't certain if you're sold on joining yet) let this guide help you out!

Considering Joining?

Plots: Break the Darkness has plots on several different levels. You can find all of them in this section. However, if you're not certain what exactly you're looking for, check out our list below for suggested links!
  • The plot of Break the Darkness is found here. It offers a brief summary of what's going on in the different Realms and how the Territories' plots can relate to one another. Hopefully reading it gives you a Territory name or two that stands out as being interesting! The links below can take you directly to those Realms' list of Territory plots.
  • The Realms:
    • Terreille's Plots are here. If you're looking for Chaillot, Hayll, Pruul, or Tacea you want this section.
    • Kaeleer's Plots are here. If you're looking for Askavi, Dhemlan, Glacia, or Scelt you want this section.
    • Hell's plot information is all here.
  • Court Sign-ups are here. If you saw a plot that interested you, or want to see which characters are in which part of the world you can take a look there!

Rules and other OOC Information: So if you took a look at the plots and you're interested in going further the other information you need to read is in this section. We have our rules and a few other OOC features that you might find helpful!
  • The Rules of Break the Darkness are found here. Everything you need - general OOC rules, graphics sizes, character requirements - is in here.
  • An Introduction to the world of the Blood may be helpful if you're interested in joining but aren't quite sure about terminology or canon-specific facts. This can help direct you to specific pieces of information you want to touch up on, or learn.

Decided to Join?

Make a Player Account is the first thing we need you to do to join Break the Darkness (all of your characters' accounts will be a subaccount of this!)
To make a Player Account, register a new account with your player name, and post a new thread in the Player Registry with the "Player Registration" template from the dropdown filled out. Once you've posted, your account will be set up as your Player Account.

Making a Character?

Making an Account information can all be found here. This will help you make an account, and the process you go through to apply with that character. If you're not quite certain on character specifics, the links in the list below can help you figure out that information.
If you're new to the Blood world or simply want to brush up, check out our Introduction to the World of the Blood thread to help you get your bearings!

If you want to join but are interested in filling out a request, you can see our Plot and Character Needs thread here.

Lastly, if you're interested in making a character who is an NPC, you can find all the information about the process here.
    • The People of the World articles has our age range guide, races, and occupation information if you need a place to start.
    • The Blood and the World articles can give you specific information on the Jewels, Craft, Breaking and The Twisted Kingdom.
    • The Blood Society articles can direct you to court information (what are the jobs for example), the Heart Bond, Rut and the Caste system's hierarchy.
    • The World Geography articles can help you out with your characters' histories.
    • The Plot articles has all of the plots (from the site-wide to the Territory specific!) so if you're wondering where you want to base your character out of, this can help you.
    • The Face Claims list is where you can find all reserved and in-use faces. If you have a particular one in mind, cross check it here to make sure it's open!

Once You've Joined

After making an OOC and a Character account you're pretty much free to be set loose on the board! However, if the world is still a little too scary to venture out in without a map, consider the following for suggestions on where to go.
  • Plot & Character Needs is where you can respond to others' requests and put up your own.
  • Face Claims and Court Sign-ups are both places you can post in prior to being accepted. However, if you didn't do so when you were in the process of making your character, make sure you do so after you've been accepted.
  • OOC Discussion (and games!) happens here, if you'd like to start threads there.
  • Questions (Concerns, Suggestions, Problems) can all be addressed here if something's still not making sense. Likewise, you're encouraged to PM our lovely Staff if you're too shy to ask publicly.

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