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Author Topic: Character Creation Information  (Read 3879 times)

Description: A Guide for Creating a Character (NPCs included)


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Character Creation Information
« on: December 22, 2013, 07:00:52 PM »
Character Creation Information

How to create a new character account:

Character accounts are all linked to the player's main account as subaccounts. To make a new subaccount, go to your Profile tab, and choose "Manage SubAccounts" from the "Manage Profile" dropdown menu. Scroll down and press the "Create/Link" button. Fill out the fields, and hit "Create."


Once you've created your character's account, post a new thread in the Character Creation forum with the first and last name of your character as the title of the thread.
  • To post with your character's account, you can either switch accounts from the dropdown in the User Info area in the sidebar, OR you can choose the account from the dropdown on the post page.
  • To change which account has posted a post, using the account the post was posted with, hit "Modify" and choose the correct account from the dropdown and then save the post.
  • To edit a post, you must be using the account from which it was posted. Switching accounts can be done from the User Info section of the sidebar.

The body of the post should be the Character Application, the template for which can be found in the template dropdown menu. Choose the correct template, and add the required fields.

Staff will roll Jewels for you once the thread has been posted.
  • You can always request a Light roll.
    • A Light Roll is White - Purple Dusk.
  • You can always request only the Birthright be rolled.
  • You can always request no Birthright and a White - Tiger Eye Offering.
  • You can always request a White or Yellow Birthright and have the Offering rolled.
  • You can always request no Descent on your Offering, only more JP.
  • You can always request no Jewels.
  • You can buy a reward to bank a roll to use on another character.
    • You can only have one banked roll at a time.
    • If you bank a Dark roll, you will not be able to use it until you have another Dark slot available.
    • This option requires points to be used; please check the Awards thread for more information.

Also please keep in mind your ratios:
All of these ratios are by a per-player basis.
  • 1 character in 4 may be a Queen or Warlord Prince.
  • 1 character in 5 may be a dual caste female.
  • 1 character in 15 may be a dual caste male or triple caste female.
    • Multi-caste Queens and Warlord Princes do count for the 1 character in 4 Queen/Warlord Prince ratio.
    • Multi-caste characters may not be among the first three characters made by a player.
    • Multi-caste characters may not be made consecutively.
  • Other than the specific restrictions noted here (multi-caste characters must follow 3 standard characters & ratios being followed) players may make any character they desire at any time.

Application Sections Quick-reference List:
  • General Info
  • Appearance
    • This section should identify defining characteristics of your character, and other elements that another would be able to recognize upon observation.
    • Races
  • Personality
    • This section should detail who your character is as an individual and how they interact in different parts of their lives: for example, this character among friends is a certain way but in public with strangers is different.
  • Persons of Note
    • A list of any people of note in the character's history. This can be parents/family, lovers, enemies, etc. All people listed here should follow the NPC rules listed below.
  • History
    • This section should share the background of your character and explain how they got to the present place in their life.
    • People mentioned should follow the NPC rules: Players may choose Jewels for NPCs in characters' histories. NPCs who will not become playable may be any Jewels. Staff must be informed before review if Jewels darker than Red are used. NPCs who are expected to become or could become playable may be through a Red Descent.
  • RP Sample
    • Minimum 250 words, 500 for multi-caste
    • Only required for first character, all Sapphire and Red Birthrights, and multi-caste characters.
    • Must be in-character for the character being created.
  • Player Info
    • Fill out player name and current characters so that staff can roll Jewels
The application should adequately explain the various aspects of the character.


Once you have finished your character application, post in the Pending Application thread with a link to the finished application.
  • Staff will read through the application and send you a review with any changes or issues that need to be addressed.
  • Bold your changes, and post in the Pending Application thread again when you have completed the changes.

Once a character is accepted, you are free to start playing!


Guide for NPC creation

  • Log into the NPC account and create a subaccount with the NPC name.
  • Post a new topic in the NPC Creation forum.
  • When the NPC is completed post them for review in the Pending Applications thread.
  • Staff will roll JP and review - when approved, the thread will be moved to the correct forum.

  • NPCs may not be darker than a Sapphire Descent unless pre-approved by staff.
  • The "NPC Permissions" is where who can play the NPC is specified. Examples: "Anyone," "Anyone, just please ask (player) first," "anyone with permission from (player)," "Only (players)." If your NPC character is adoptable, note it here!
  • The NPC Account password is "winsolgifts"
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